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RV Slide Toppers

Are you looking for the best motorhome sliding cover to protect your slip, but don’t know where to start? Then you are in the right place.

In this article we will discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of these products.

It discusses everything you want to know about these devices, from types, valuable features, brands, etc. In other words: In this article, you will find the answers to any questions you may have about a camper van slider.

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RV Slide Toppers Best Choice

 4,8 Rating

Shade Pro RV Vinyl Awning Replacement Fabric

– Durable and flexible
– Undemanding handling
– Fitting multiple awnings

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What is an RV slide topper?

The slide-out room is a simple innovation that provides you and your loved ones with extra space, offering more comfort when traveling with several people.
And when you have the pull-out, you need its protection, which is provided by a slide-out attachment.
However, it’s overwhelming to find the perfect cover if you don’t know what you’re looking for, especially the things you should be aware of when weighing your options.
To help you find the right cover, we have prepared this article with the top selections in the category, along with a shopping guide that highlights some of the things you should consider when comparing your choices and choosing the right cover for your slide-out unit.

RV Slide Toppers Review

Best RV slide toppers

Best RV Slide Toppers


Black Slide Topper Awning - 13'6" (13'1" Fabric)

Review of Black Slide Topper Awning

– Origins from a well-known brand
– Can withstand tough environments
– Sophisticated black look with appealing design

 4,5 Rating

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Carefree JE200005B47 White 200" long x 47" projection Universal Cut-to-Fit Slideout Awning Fabric with FLXguard Protection

Review of Carefree JE200005B47 White 200

– Easy to set up
– Can resist weather conditions
– Durable materials

 4,2 Rating

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Shade Pro RV Vinyl Awning Replacement Fabric

Review of Shade Pro RV Vinyl

– Durable and flexible
– Undemanding handling
– Fitting multiple awnings

 4,8 Rating

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Villa Room Enclosure for Electric awnings, RV Awning Screen Room (18')

Review of Villa Room Enclosure for Electric awnings

– Heavy-duty charcoal screen and high-quality zippers
– Reinforced grommets with webbing
– Nickel-plated fasteners, if necessary

 5,0 Rating

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Carefree LH0810042 White 74" - 81" Slideout Cover

Review of Carefree LH0810042 White 74

– Simple to set up and use
– Can cope with weather changes
– Can save your slide space from the outside elements

 4,6 Rating

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Canopy Topper Weber

Review of Canopy Topper Weber

– Reasonable price
– Easy to install
– Durable fabric

 4,1 Rating

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All our reviews are based only on expert judgment or practical experience with most of the Steps and Stairs for RV we consider. We strive to ensure that our leadership is independent and as detailed as possible.

What You Should Pay Attention To When choosing RV Slide Toppers

How does an RV slide-out work

RV extensions can be electric or hydraulic. In the case of an electric cart, a motor is used to move the extendable rack. On the other hand, a 12V motor is used to drive the hydraulic pump. Then pressure is generated which is finally used to extend and retract the slide.

How to remove RV slide out

Removing the RV slider attachment is as easy as its installation. First, remove the screws in the awning rail on the motorhome. After removing the nails, make sure to cut off any parts that have adhesive tape on them to make the job easier. Then start pulling the topper cloth from one side and gradually remove the entire cloth from the rails.

How to measure for an RV slide topper

  • Measurement of the size
    Use a measuring tape to find the precise measurements of the slide topper. This is a critical process to find the correct model for your requirements.
  • Measure the distance
    Stand on a ladder and then take a measurement of the space between the left and right edge of the topper. Measure the precise gap between the outer side of the pull-out frame and the outside wall of the RV in a similar way. This will give you accurate dimensions for a topper of the right size.

How to stop RV slide topper from holding water

The only way to fix it is to apply tension to the cover or, in the worst case, to replace the cover material. In the meantime, to drain the water, you can slightly lift the front of the trailer just before you put the slide in until the water has drained, then you can put it back in a horizontal position to put the slide in.

Advantages of using an RV Slide Topper

There are certain reasons why you need the Slide Topper for your slip space. Below are some of the reasons you need to know.

  • Protection
    During the seasons or when you are not using your motorhome that is in storage, you can rely on the Topper to protect your vehicle. The same applies when you are camping.
    If you have the camper van pull-out cover, you can be sure that your pull-out space is protected, especially if your camper van is parked on the campground. Even if it rains or snows, the pull-out stand will not be flooded – one of the most common concerns of motorhome owners who have a pull-out space.
  • Cover
    Outside, your motorhome is always exposed to the elements, including dirt, grime, dust, grime, and other contaminants. It is also prone to damage from sunlight, sun and snow, and other weather conditions.
    Your pull-out space is also more susceptible to damage and needs to be repaired and maintained without some protection from a topper.
    The good news is also that the best toppers are made of weather-resistant materials that can cope with the elements and increase the durability of the topper.
  • Comfort
    If you are camping, especially in summer, you will really need this topper, because it can provide comfort for everyone in the slip room.
    Without the cover, the sun’s rays can enter the room and make everyone feel uncomfortable, especially in summer when the weather can be unforgiving.
    For the comfort of your loved ones and guests, especially if you are camping with many people, you should therefore invest in a good tarpaulin for your slip room.

Review of RV Slide Toppers & Best Choice

Black Slide Topper Awning - 13'6" (13'1" Fabric)

Review of Black Slide Topper Awning
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Users find this product extremely useful for protecting their vehicles from harsh elements. They report that it has amazing dimensions that completely cover the vehicle. In addition, the fabric with the extended sides is very durable. Finally, the fittings are strong enough to withstand the pressure and their installation is a breeze.
Solera is a well-known brand in the market of extendable toppers. This model stands out for us because of its high-quality construction and width range from 152″ to 157 3⁄4″. It comes with a black fabric made of fine materials to perform like a professional in tough conditions. In addition, there is black hardware to keep the whole construction right.


  • Simple setup of the product
  • Origins from a well-known brand
  • Can withstand tough environments
  • Sophisticated black look with appealing design
  • The cloth is produced from top quality materials

This model is made of quality products that are weather resistant. It is therefore an ideal choice for those who like to travel and want to protect their vast space from possible damage. Moreover, it can also be used to protect the vehicle when it is left in the warehouse.
An exceptional product with superior performance, this Solera model is the best overall product for several reasons. The black fabric is not only visually appealing but also has a long life span thanks to its high-quality workmanship. Furthermore, you can choose the product width according to your wishes.

Carefree JE200005B47 White 200" long x 47" projection Universal Cut-to-Fit Slideout Awning Fabric with FLXguard Protection

Review of Carefree JE200005B47 White 200
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This model has managed to win the trust of its customers with its first-class functionality. In their opinion, the material is durable enough to withstand tough conditions without sacrificing performance. It also comes with a reliable warranty, which is quite impressive for some customers.
As a fine product of Carefree, this fabric is equipped with waterproof properties that ensure that no water can escape. Furthermore, the dimensions are simply perfect for almost all models and you do not have to worry about the exact measurements when buying. You also benefit from an impressive guarantee.


  • Easy to set up
  • Can resist weather conditions
  • Durable materials
  • FLXguard packaging
  • With pre-installed cords

A great model with many functions; this fabric is just the right choice for those who want to protect their vehicle from possible damage caused by rough elements. With this topper on board, you can easily park your vehicle outside in the rain without having to worry. Furthermore, it can also be used on the camping site to avoid UV rays.
As one of the best models on the list, this runner-up is equipped with high-quality materials so that it can withstand harsh weather conditions without any problems. Not only the design is good, but also the fabric is waterproof, so your vehicle is protected at all times. Finally, the manufacturer’s warranty greatly increases the reliability of the product.

Shade Pro RV Vinyl Awning Replacement Fabric

Review of Shade Pro RV Vinyl
Check Best Price
Do you think that the fabrics of the extendable awnings of your motor home do not have many days left in them? If that is the case, Shade Pro Slide-Out Topper is just what you need. This topper can fit awnings from prestigious brands and is a wonderful replacement for worn-out fabrics. With sewn-in polycords and drawstrings, its set-up process is quite simple. Assuming you follow the instructions provided, you could have the replacement done in no time.


  • Durable and flexible
  • Undemanding handling
  • Fitting multiple awnings

Due to the use of welded Weatherguard, the outstanding durability of the product is recognized by many reports of retractable awnings for recreational vehicles. For RVs that are on the road all year round and require ruggedness, the top of the line Shade Pro product is undoubtedly a good choice. As a proof of confidence, the manufacturer supports its top of the line retractable awning product with a 3-year warranty covering manufacturing defects, excessive fading, and cracks. The warranty excludes damage caused by wind and rain.

Villa Room Enclosure for Electric awnings, RV Awning Screen Room (18')

Review of Villa Room Enclosure for Electric awnings
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Would you like to use your mobile home awning even more and gain additional square meters of private space? Consider an RV awning terrace enclosure. They come in a variety of sizes to fit any electric or manual awning and are usually manufactured from a heavy-duty yet ultra-lightweight marine fabric that will last for years.
These rooms have privacy panels and even a detachable door that you can attach to either end of the front panels. They create a whole new outdoor living space while protecting you from the elements.


  • Available for mounting awnings from 10 feet to 21 feet in one-foot increments
  • Heavy-duty charcoal screen and high-quality zippers
  • Reinforced grommets with webbing
  • Nickel-plated fasteners, if necessary
  • Stable sidewall support rafters with brackets provide a better, stronger seal to the coach
  • Including coach skirting board with sliding eyes for flexible attachment to the coach
  • Contains two storage bags

The Villa Screen Room is made of long-lasting, low-weight marine cloth which will give many years of open-air pleasure. The stitched-in screen panels offer superior shelter from wind and rainstorms. It is fully invertible and can be used indoors or outdoors with the privacy boards, based on the weather situation.
Snap-on sideboards are provided to keep out wind and offer extra personal space. The lovely dark grey cloth with brown screens matches the majority of new color themes. Space features a detachable door that fits at opposite ends of the front paneling for travel buses with rear entry.

Carefree LH0810042 White 74" - 81" Slideout Cover

Review of Carefree LH0810042 White 74
Check Best Price
The Carefree Cover is another product not to be missed when comparing your choice for a good sliding cover that can provide solid protection and lasting durability for RV owners like you.
The slideout cover is also one of the most versatile because it is suitable for many brands and models. We also liked the sufficient size of the slideout cover, which can be extended up to 81 inches.
It can also protect your motorhome from the effects of the weather like sun and rain and ensure that the best fabric of the motorhome slideout cover will last and serve you well for years. As you know, the motorhome cover is always exposed to the sun and weather, dirt, pollution, dust, and debris.


  • Can be adjusted to various types and makes of vehicles
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Can cope with weather changes
  • Can save your slide space from the outside elements
  • Manufactured from long-lasting and robust materials

If you are looking for a reliable product, you should also find one that is easy to install. You should have no trouble or headaches completing the installation process. If you choose the retractable cover, you can be sure that you can set it up in a few minutes.
Another thing that we liked about the product is that it has a great design that is suitable for many RV decorations and themes. It integrates with the design of the motorhome to create a consistent and solid look.

Canopy Topper Weber

Review of Canopy Topper Weber
Check Best Price
With rough edges that make cutting easier, the slide-out cover it is popular among newcomers with physical problems. Once you get hold of this cover, you will be able to cut the cloth to your personal requirements to match the size of your slide-out part. Furthermore, you will be able to cut the cloth to your precise dimensions. Therefore, it is suitable for the needs of a great number of RVs. Moreover, the Innova fabric is suitable for the replacement of extensions in various awnings.


  • Fittingly cut
  • Available in white or black
  • Untrimmed edges to prevent water accumulation
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to install
  • Durable fabric

Thanks to the electronically welded polycord borders, its extending cloth would glide smoothly into the awning runners. Due to stringent quality control, the awning roller seldom leaks or breaks at pinholes, ensuring a prolonged service lifespan. Moreover, this extendable cover features unbent borders which means that moisture build-up is minimal.
Regarding the color of the awning cover, Innova RVers provides two different colors: Black and white. We suggest you spend some time considering the appearance of your RV and select a suitable color for it.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Slide Topper

When you decide on a pull-out awning, you should think about certain things and consider some factors that will help you decide which pull-out awning you should choose and use for the pull-out awning.
Also, there are so many options, each with different advantages and disadvantages and with different characteristics. Many of them also have different sizes, colors, and designs. Take a look at the following to start choosing the right topper.

  • Installing a retractable RV awning
    One of the most important criteria when comparing your selection for a toper is the ease of installation. How easy or how difficult is it to install the awning? Does it come with installation instructions that you can follow to make it easy to set up the awning? Can you install the awning in a few minutes?
    When choosing the right retractable awning, you should choose an awning that does not complicate the installation. The best awnings can be installed in a few minutes. If you choose them, you can be sure that you will not have to spend a lot of time on installation.
  • Material
    It is related to the durability of the item. Keep in mind that the pull-out topper will be exposed to continuous stress and will be subject to the weather elements, particularly wind, rain, and sun. If you opt for a less resistant cover, it will be more prone to rip, crack, or fry with time.
    But since there are a lot of choices in terms of materials, you might not be able to choose a particular material when purchasing an awning cover.
    Usually, the pull-out awning cover is manufactured from vinyl as it is very light and water-resistant. It’s also strong and hard-wearing to deal with the weather elements. But overall, when selecting an extendable cover, you have to consider the fabric and ensure that it is long-lasting.
    In addition, it has to be simple to wash. In most cases, all you need to use for cleaning is some soap and water or an awning cleaner for RVs. Alternatively, it may vary depending on the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Quality and durability
    No one wants to purchase an awning cover that will break quickly after several weeks of usage. If not, he or she needs to purchase a new one and have one to cover the pull-out again.
    You should find a product that is made of durable fittings and fabrics so that you can look forward to long-term use.
    It would also be helpful if the product came with a warranty that would contribute to satisfaction and give you the assurance that you will get help if you need it. It could also indicate that the manufacturer is committed to its products and trusts in its quality.
  • Value
    How much do you have to spend on the topper? Is the price appropriate for the value you will receive? As you can see, price and value are related. You can say that you will get a good price for a product that also has good value.
    Therefore, you must be able to evaluate the value of the product by reading reviews that can show the advantages and disadvantages of each topper.
    By reading these reviews you can find out what people say about a product and help you discover the best toppers in the category.
    So when you buy a sleeve for your slide-out, you should determine the value you get in relation to the price. You can start by comparing your options based on the top choices we have reviewed.
    Ultimately, it’s not about the most affordable or expensive cover, but rather the value based on the price you pay for it. Therefore, you must be able to compare several products based on their value.
  • Miscellaneous
    Since there are many brands and models and there is fierce competition for manufacturers, these toppers can also be equipped with various other features, such as unique shades and designs, technological or automatic functions, and other options.
    That’s why you might want to compare these things and find out what you really need.
    In short, don’t buy a topper just because it has certain additional features that are not really important to you.

So it is highly recommended that you follow the instructions in the manual for your level.


The right pull-out panel can protect your pull-out space when you are on the road and your motorhome is stored. It will also cover and keep this space covered to prevent flooding, which is a common cause of discomfort among RV owners.
This cover can also extend the life of your pull-out space and prevent you from having to spend money on frequent repairs and maintenance. In any case, it is a valuable investment for your move-out.
Use our guide and category leader reviews to help you choose the best RV pull-out cover to ensure that you can make a good decision now when you choose a cover!

Installing LCI Slide Topper On Your RV Slide Room – Video

❓ What is a slide topper on an RV?

An RV slide topper, also known as an RV slide out awning, is an extension that’s located above your RV’s slide out.

❓ How To Select The Right Awning Size For Slideout

To determine which size of the Slider you need you’ll want to measure the box width of your slide room on the outside of the front of the box, including the flange. The size you want needs to be a minimum of 2-1/2 inches beyond each side.

❓ Do I need slide toppers?

We considered slide toppers a requirement to keep debris (leaves, bird droppings, etc.) off the slides. It would be a hassle to have to sweep the slide off every time you brought it in. Ours are ten years old and we’ve had no problems even in windy areas.

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