The general trend towards miniaturization has not stopped at car antennas. Whereas large rod or telescopic antennas used to be a conspicuous optical feature, modern antennas are hardly or not at all immediately visible.

Moreover, simple radio reception is only one of many tasks of so-called multi service antennas.

Especially if you want to retrofit an antenna, you can quickly lose track of the large range of available antennas. Find out what distinguishes the different categories of car antennas and how you can use tests to find a good model that meets your requirements.

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Sirius XM High Gain Interoperable Magnetic Satellite Radio Car Antenna

– Extended cable
– 23ft antenna cable suitable for large cars and SUVs
– Easy installation without drilling

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A modern car antenna has practically nothing to do with the classic antenna of old cars. You will often see it as an inconspicuous shark fin on the roof or rear of your car. However, when it comes to entertainment electronics in cars, they are more important than ever.
The range of digital radios is constantly growing, so you can decide for yourself if digital radio in your car is a good option. As a little help, we’ve compiled the most important benefits for you.

Radio Antennas for Cars - Reviews

Authentic Genuine Nagoya UT-72 Super Loading Coil 19-Inch Magnetic Mount

Review Authentic Genuine Nagoya UT-72 Super
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  • PL-259 with included SMA Female adapter, Dual-Band VHF & UHF (137-174, 400-520 Mhz)
  • Weatherproof, Strong Rare Earth Magnet Base
  • Easy To Install
  • Stainless Steel Antenna

Antenna UT-72 in vertical installation is omni-directional, which allows you to receive the signal from all sides. It uses a heavy duty 3.25 inch rare earth magnet on a magnetic holder and is the ideal antenna for cars, pickups, vans and SUVs.

ICBEAMER Universal AM/FM Radio Antenna Screw-in Stubby Aerial Replacement

Review Icbeamer Radio Antenna
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  • Icbeamer short antenna is specially designed for sports cars
  • It is short yet robust to withstand the car wash, and will not easily be bent or damaged
  • Easy To Install
  • There are 4 different screws included in the package, which is enough for almost all car models

The Icbeamer antenna is made of high quality carbon fiber for the housing and includes an internal high conductivity aluminum coil, which means that the antenna is not only durable, but also provides high quality signal reception.

The Original 6 3/4 Inch - Car Wash Proof Short EPDM Rubber Antenna

The Original Radio car Antenna Review
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  • Has a high durability and protection against washing in car washes.
  • German Engineered Antenna uses choice quality materials, including a highly conductive Internal Copper Coil.
  • Easy To Install

The antenna is designed by a German manufacturer that uses selected quality materials, including an internal copper coil with high conductivity.
Specially designed flexible rubber that can withstand 257 degrees Fahrenheit.

VOFONO 7 inches Antenna

Review VOFONO 7 inches Antenna
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  • Will never fade, break or chip
  • Excellent reception from most local radio stations
  • Installation takes about 30 seconds

The VOFONO spiral antenna is made of high quality hard rubber and is strong enough that whenever it hits an object, surface, or is washed in the car, it simply bends. Note that the flexible nature of the antenna prevents damage and makes it very durable.

Rydonair Antenna Compatible

Review Rydonair Radio Car Antenna
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  • Stylish Look
  • Easy Installation
  • Premium Rubber outer construction
  • Designed for either AM or FM bands

The Rydonair Antenna is easy to install and can be screwed to an existing antenna and it will take you seconds. The external design of the antenna is made of high quality rubber for weather resistance and durability of use.

Type of Car Radio Antennas

Modern car antennas are small in size and offer other types of reception besides radio reception.

What do you really need to know about car antennas?

Since these are not unimportant car accessories, you should know what existing products are capable of and with our buying advice you will learn more about the technical differences. You will also receive valuable advice on using car antennas, for example:

  • Mobile radio and GPS can be received via car antennas, making it easier to listen to Internet radio
  • In addition to the conventional roof antennas, some versions can be installed on windows or in the bodywork

Signals received by car radio antennas

In addition to FM radio, car antennas receive, for example, UMTS or LTE signals. For navigation systems, GPS data is requested and WLAN networks can also be configured in the vehicle using the appropriate antennas. The use of an increasing number of digital radio stations is becoming more and more popular. Antennas with appropriate amplifiers for digital radios are already standard on some car manufacturers.

What do you need to know when buying a car antenna?

When shopping for a car antenna, the first thing you need to know is the feature set you want. If the antenna only needs to receive one radio, a simple model is sufficient and you only need to consider a few technical characteristics such as impedance. If you want to receive digital radio and mobile phone signals, purchasing an antenna is not enough and you will need other suitable equipment such as an adapter and amplifier.


The short car antennas that are widespread today are not only responsible for the actual radio reception, but also for the mobile radio and data transmission of navigation devices. In modern cars, shark fin-shaped car antennas are fully integrated from the factory and seamlessly and unobtrusively blend into the vehicle’s exterior.

Max Welder (Reviewseye)

Max Welder (Reviewseye)

Max Welder is a mechanic enthusiast. Currently, working at a small company. Experienced in electronics, car tools, and security systems. In his spare time, he writes articles for various blogs.

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